As a landscape designer and Senior Manager of Design for Samsung Everland
Inc., South Korea, since 2002, I have been working in the environment design
centre. At present I am interested in open spaces within the urban environment
and private gardens. I have experience of the design process used to create
open spaces, especially for public parks, housing estates and office sites, and in
the designing of private gardens. I appreciate that gardens are an essential part
of our shared heritage and included many more cultural facets than other arts
such as painting, music and literature. Gardens are not only objects, they are
also processes. The impulse to control or imitate nature, to create a heavenly
paradise on the Earth, has seemingly been with human beings from the origin of
civilisation. Recently I have become aware of the importance of managing our
existing garden heritage and in Korea the need to investigate through
archaeological techniques what may have been lost from the past. Managing
historic gardens is an important issue enabling us to pass our heritage onto
future generations.


WSD University of Essex (Essex,UK)-PhD Landscape Architecture. 2016
WSD University of Essex (Essex,UK)-MA Garden Design. 2012
Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul,Korea)-MA Landscape Architecture.2002
Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul,Korea)-Bsc Landscape Architecture.1999


Director of Plant and contents group, Samsung C&T Resort Business
Division, Yongin City, 2017-present
Contributing Editor, Monthly magazine ‘Gardening’, Seoul, Present
HE Lecturer, Writtle School of Design, University of Essex, UK —
HE Lecturer, Writtle School of Design, University of Essex, UK —
Senior Manager of Design, Samsung Everland Inc., Seoul, 2010-2011
River Han-tan waterfront master plan (S.Korea, 2010), Yongin Everland Theme
Park master plan (2010), SECL roof garden (S.Korea, 2011)
Assistant Manager of Design, Samsung Everland Inc., Seoul, 2006-2009
Samsung Everland CEO private garden plan(S.Korea, 2007), Seeding City Blue
Green network master plan(S.Korea, 2009), River Youngsan waterfront master
plan (S.Korea,2009)
Designer, Samsung Everland Inc., Seoul, 2002-2006
Posco residential area design guideline(S.Korea,2002), Berlin Seoul
garden(German, 2004), Im-Ha Dam water park master plan (S.Korea,2005),
Wonju Musil Apartment Complex master plan (S.Korea, 2006)