Kim, Wan Soon

Kim, Wan Soon

Professor Kim served as the first chair of the Seoul Metropolitan Urban Agriculture Committee (2012-2014). After then, he has educated and trained over 350 citizen gardeners in cooperation with Seoul Metropolitan Government since 2014. Besides, he contributed to the national master plan for the gardening policy through the study of the state of Korea gardening industry status and outlook in 2015.


1996 ~ 2000   University of Seoul PhD in Environmental Horticulture
1993 ~ 1995   University of Seoul MS in Environmental Horticulture
1987 ~ 1993   University of Seoul BS in Environmental Horticulture

Work of Experience

2009 ~ Present    University of Seoul, Korea Professor
2001 ~ 2003        University of California, Davis, USA Post-Doc & visiting scholar
1992 ~ 2009        Rural Development Administration Senior Researcher in Horticultural Science